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Honors & Awards



1.Chen Xinhao and the second class of Liao Rongde won the Fei Tao Fei Honorary Member Medal for outstanding results.


2.Liao Rongde participated in the 2017 National Evidence Health Care "When Cochrane Evidence Is Different from Current Health Care" essay competition organized by Taiwan Society of Evidence Medicine and Cochrane Taiwan Research Center.


3.Liao Rongde student participated in the 107 three-department joint poster exhibition contest and won the excellent prize for the master and doctoral team.


4.Liu Yujun won the Student Oral Essay Award at the 77th Academic Essay Symposium of Taiwan Physiotherapy Association.

55.Alumni Liao Rongde was shortlisted for WCPT 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland) Outstanding poster presentation award


6.Student Weng Chongfeng participated in the second medical special class of Chang Gung University, and won the third place in the group competition.


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