1. Cultivation of senior and long-term care industry practical talents and R&D professionals with practical experience, business management, innovation and entrepreneurship, workplace mobility, and international outlook.
2. Diversified and cross-field industry-university-research professional faculty and resources-faculty combined with Chang Gung University School of Medicine, School of Management, Health and Aging Research Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Health Care Cultural Village and long-term care related industry teachers
3. Curriculum is modularized, with three modules of "long-term care industry management", "long-term care cross-field clinical rehabilitation practice" and "long-term care industry creation practice" as elective courses.
4. Emphasis on practical internship courses. In addition to the original Chang Gung Health Village, internships and industry-university cooperation opportunities for long-term care-related start-up companies and industries, and internship opportunities for Japanese long-term care institutions are also provided to achieve the goal of seamless integration with the industry.
5. Closely integrated with the industry, master's thesis can be completed in the form of academic research papers or professional practice reports.
6. The school's consistent course planning for masters and masters: starting from the sophomore year to make the arrangement of courses, you can complete the bachelor's and master's degree within five years.
7. Compulsory courses are concentrated on one day of the week, and the degree can also be completed by on-the-job training.